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SGBV & Pad Project

Bonnicare Foundation is dedicated to equipping rural dwellers with knowledge about their rights and responsibilities as well as educating teenagers on important issues such as gender-based violence, consent, sex education, menstruation, and human rights.


During our first edition, professionals were invited to share their knowledge and expertise to secondary school students. The first edition took place at Community Secondary School Igbo Imabana, where over 50 students had the opportunity to learn from professionals in the SGBV sector. The project didn’t stop at discussions; it also provided practical help, such as distributing over 150 menstrual pads to female students and singlets to male students. This project is focused on creating positive impact, nurturing a generation of informed and empowered young individuals who are knowledgeable about their rights and can protect themselves.


We are open to collaborations and partnership with individuals, relevant medical bodies, brands, organizations, corporations, NGOs and Civil Societies within the SGBV sector.


Bonnicare Foundation is dedicated to building a better future for our communities. We believe that everyone deserves access to quality health care, education, and economic empowerment.

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Jafel Plaza, No. 6 Obol Ubi Ujong Inah Avenue, Njeleko, Ugep


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+234 815 311 6955