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Christmas Party

This project is dedicated to celebrating the beauty of rural communities, their culture, local talent and heritage.


This is an annual cultural event that gives the communities we serve a chance to eat and merry. The event showcases the artistic abilities of children from the community, with friendly competition and prizes for the winners. The first-place winner receives a scholarship and cash prize, while the second and third place winners are also recognized with relevant gift items and cash support.

The first edition of this event had over 200 children participating in a “test run edition” which took place in December 2022 at Igbo Imabana Community in Cross River State. Over thirty (30) children’s fees were after the first edition. This celebration brings joy and unity to the village and also fosters  a sense of pride in their cultural heritage. 

Bonnicare Foundation is  dedicated to  supporting the growth of our local community’s artistic brilliance and untapped talent.

We are open to collaborations and partnership with individuals, relevant medical bodies, brands, organizations, corporations, NGOs and Civil Societies who are open to making this celebration bigger and better.


Bonnicare Foundation is dedicated to building a better future for our communities. We believe that everyone deserves access to quality health care, education, and economic empowerment.

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